Getting started with drone photography.

Automaton Photography Services produce astonishing quality ethereal automaton photography and airborne taping in Cornwall, the South West and all through the UK utilizing the most recent GPS empowered multi-rotor UAV ramble quadcopters . Automaton Photography Services has Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) “Authorization for Commercial Operations” PfCO which means we are an authorized business administrator of UAV’s (unmanned ethereal vehicles) rambles in the U.K for day and night work. The majority of our talented pilots have passed the CAA-affirmed tests, flight evaluations, and hold the built up industry Remote Pilot Qualification (RPQ-s) for multi-rotor air ship under 7kg. Our accomplished pilots are equipped for flying our deft automatons near troublesome areas, day or night while keeping up the best expectations in security and activity.  Automaton Photography Services are spearheading business ramble photography flying up to 400ft, transforming new thoughts for ethereal symbolism into staggering reality. drone photography

Our unmanned flying vehicles (UAV’s) convey cameras utilizing the best gyro-settled gimbals to create ultra sharp HD 4K video and 20 megapixel still pictures.

Our UK ramble photography business is currently creating practical aeronautical cinematography and videography with shooting points and uncovers, already just accessible on enormous spending preparations. Investigate a portion of the customers we have worked for the most recent year.

Our Pilots have a live HD video feed from the automaton to the ground, enabling us to view and change continuously camera points and setting starting from the earliest stage. We work with a couple of team contingent upon the activity. For an increasingly confounded shoot we utilize two ground stations with a pilot and a different camera administrator.

We have a wide assortment of customers utilizing our aeronautical automaton photography, taping and video administrations which include:

Aeronautical corporate recordings for item dispatches, publicizing, sites and advancement

Aeronautical automaton photography for Estate Agents

Business property aeronautical photography

Occasions and sports aeronautical shooting

The travel industry, travel and inn elevated photography and video

Indoor elevated photography

360° Virtual Reality Aerial Panoramas

Night photography and shooting

Our biggest business development for ramble elevated photography is presently originating from utilizing ramble UAV’s for reviews, 2D and 3D mapping and Precision Agriculture. Utilizing our pre-programed flight ways and flying autopilot with pinpoint GPS situating, we can deliver exceptionally definite and precise outcomes.

Here are a rundown of the our most well known applications:

360 Photography

360 Aerial Panoramas and 3D Virtual Tours | 360 Ground-Based Panoramas | Google Street View | 360 Video

Harm examination and progress checking

Rooftop and building overviews | building destinations | arranging applications | rooftop, tower and fireplace examinations | flooding and flood hazard | disintegration | wind turbines | sun based boards | climate harm | timberland the board.

Precise 2D and 3D mapping uses

NDVI symbolism for exactness farming | volumetric investigation | store observing | amount reviewing | chance appraisals.

Automaton Photography Services have £5 million open obligation protection spread gave by experts in UAV and Drone protection.

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