6 Main Points Cause Business Is Not Developing

Sometimes a business that is established is stuck and there is no growth. It’s like working long hours, the energy expended and the time spent unable to meet your expectations of the business they are in. You also feel frustrated and confused about what to do. The thing to remember, the settlement never happened because of luck. Other hard work is needed to make it happen. However, the hard work must be started by finding the cause of the business not developing. Because if the cause of the business does not develop is not sought in the beginning, then you will find it difficult to explore the root of the problem. And the impact on hard work will be in vain again. After the first step has been taken, then changes in some of the main habits and the team that drives success can be implemented.

Giving Prices Too Low

Consumers will probably search as far as possible to find which sellers will provide the lowest prices. You might be able to give a low price, but it’s not too low. It requires a large amount of planning and strategy to be able to sell products at the lowest price and still make a profit. Some brands may succeed in this strategy. But the benefits can be very slim and of course, this is a dangerous approach. You can just give a low price, but also consider the costs. In addition, the most common problem with business owners in Indonesia is not pricing the hard work. Give your business the right salary so that it can continue to survive and grow.

Stay in the Comfort Zone

Requirements to be a business owner is to want to continue learning and learning. In general, business owners have very large plans in the beginning. However, over time, after any of these plans are carried out, they will stop at a level and settle down. Instead of trying to expand the business and carry out the remaining plans, business owners like this will lower expectations and remain in a stagnant position. The impact is a decrease in performance that makes the business not run. Leave the comfort zone, set bigger goals then commit to taking the actions needed seriously.

Not Measuring Development

You can’t know how well a business is doing if you don’t measure progress every day. Every line in the business must be regularly reviewed and updated to find out if your business has achieved its objectives or if there are things that need to be adjusted. If you just guess without the existence of clear data, then the development of a business is just a delusion. You will only think that your business is successful, but not. And vice versa.

Ineffective Communication

Communication is very important in the growth of a business. As a business owner, you must be able to clearly communicate your vision, goals, and ideas to the team. It is a big mistake if you feel that these points only you can find out about. Your team needs this information to work optimally. Share the vision, values, goals, and ideas with the team regularly and consistently. You will see them working hard to help you achieve it.

Forgetting the Marketing Strategy

The right marketing strategy will provide the best opportunity to attract consumers. But there are many business owners who immediately set up their business without considering this. Because to produce the right marketing strategy requires careful thought and consideration. And this takes time. Don’t rush, clear your mind and think about what strategies you need to do to give a message that can be touched and good promotional activities to attract the right consumers. Because without a marketing strategy, as a result, a variety of activities carried out only produce a few leads and even more frustrating.

Cooperating with the Wrong People

In business, it is very important to build good connections with influential people. These parties will be very helpful starting from the provision of funds, operational even when the business is in the worst state. Therefore, it takes the right people who can work together well to be able to walk together to develop a business. The wrong person will actually bring the business into the brink of bankruptcy.

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