11 Gadgets Danger for Children, Physical to Mental Problems

Although gadgets are a technology that brings convenience to human life, the fact is that gadgets can also have a negative impact on health, especially on children. So, what are the dangers of gadgets that can occur in children?

Dangers of Gadgets for Children

Before discussing the dangers of gadgets in children, you need to know that the World Health Organization (WHO) has set game addiction as a mental disorder. This is because a child who is late in playing games will usually forget the time. In addition, children can no longer control themselves because they continue to be addictive to play games.

A child also tends not to want to be bothered with other activities and forget their duties to learn or socialize with their social environment.

The following are some of the dangers of gadgets in children that should be known by every parent, including:

1. Make children easy to forget

The first danger to gadgets for children is to make them forgetful. Although gadgets can make children calmer, if they are used excessively, it can have a bad effect on health, especially parts of the brain because it can interfere with the child’s memory power.

2. Affects eye health

The next danger for gadgets is to affect eye health. The use of gadgets every day can cause ciliary muscle contractions in the eyeball, or what is known as accommodation.

Excessive accommodation will stimulate the emergence of minus eyes, especially in children who are in the developmental stage.

Blue light has waves that can enter the eyeball, one of which is the retina. Therefore, exposure to blue light should be reduced early because it is thought to have an adverse effect on retinal cells for the long term.

In addition, a study revealed, the eyes of children absorb more blue light from the screen of digital devices when compared to adults.

3. Affects mental condition

The next gadget danger that must be wary of is the emergence of mental problems such as loneliness, depression, anxiety and mood swings. In fact, excessive gadget exposure can increase autism and ADHD in children.

A child who spends 7 or more hours playing a gadget has unstable emotions. This condition can increase depression and anxiety.

4. Disruption of sleep

When a child has limited sleep, the effect is a decreased ability to focus. A bad sleep cycle can make a child easily sleepy during the day. In fact, adequate sleep time is needed for child growth and development.

5. Children are more aggressive

Gadgets risk causing aggression if a child is exposed to games or videos on the internet that are full of violence. Aggressive traits can also arise if parents want to limit the use of gadgets. This condition will affect his skills in thinking and controlling emotions.

6. Decreased psychomotor abilities

The danger of gadgets in the next child is decreased psychomotor abilities. A child who spends a lot of time with gadgets cannot explore all his psychomotor talents.

In fact, frequent physical activity can develop the ability of the right brain. In addition, when children play with their peers, he will also hone his social skills.

A child who is becoming addicted to a device will get used to having fun with a one-way pattern. This resulted in him liking playing alone with his gadget rather than playing with his friends.

7. Triggering obesity

Having a connection with the previous explanation, obesity is a continued impact of decreased psychomotor abilities. When a child has spent a lot of time in front of the gadget screen, it will automatically create limited physical activity, where this risks making the child overweight.

8. Decreased cognitive abilities

The following gadget dangers are quite worrying because they can affect a child’s cognitive abilities. If you let your child play gadgets for more than 2 hours, it can reduce cognitive abilities.

This condition can occur because in general children will be more happy with gadgets rather than learning so that their academic ability can decrease.

In the end, you should not underestimate the dangers of gadgets for this child, because for a long time or not children play gadgets can affect the ability of their brains to think.

9. Takes longer to do new activities

A child who spends a lot of time in front of the gadget turns out to need longer time to recognize each new activity. To make an activity more efficient, you must limit the use of gadgets to children.

10. Rarely exercise

Letting children play with gadgets or computers throughout the day to make children not get enough physical activity. Not only good for building muscle, but exercise is also useful for maintaining brain health.

The danger of this gadget can be prevented if you accustom your child to physical activity. A study revealed, children who do regular physical exercise get higher academic scores than children who rarely do physical activity.

11. Exposed to too much radiation

The danger of the gadget in the latter children can also attack adults because of the radiation exposure it causes. Although gadget radiation can be linked to cancer, claims of this matter still require further research. Even so, limiting the use of gadgets in children is something important to do.

Therefore, limit the use of gadgets in children at least 1 hour before bedtime. Reduce the intensity of playing gadgets by increasing outdoor activities.

Well, that’s some danger of gadgets that can occur in children. If you still have the habit of providing gadgets, an important step so that the dangers of gadgets for children as above do not occur is to limit their use.

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